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Rikers wedding

Sashi and Tobi

25 May 2024

Please respond below :)

Thank you so much for your response! We can't wait to celebrate with you and looking forward to seeing you in Germany!Your Sashi and Tobi

Are you attending?
Pre-meet warm up alert! Would you join us for a welcome BBQ & (hydrating) drinks night on Friday, 24 May at 6pm? The BBQ night will take place in Kirchheimbolanden close to the official event hotel.
Would you consider yourself a....
Hope you can make it

Let us know whether you can make it so we can make sure we have enough space for everyone on the dance floor. If there are multiple people in your party, please submit a separate response for each.


Friday and Saturday 24-25 May 2024

Weingut Boudier & Koeller

Stetten, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Hauptstrasse 19

Friday will feature a welcome BBQ 

On Saturday, we say I do! 

Dress code: White T-shirt on Friday, summer cocktail on Saturday

Click here to let us know if you can make it. 

Join us


We would love to have you be a part of our

very special day! 

Do you have a surprise in mind, be it a game, antique photos you want to show, a flashmob, a dance or maybe you have a story to tell?
Let Siân and Michi know!
Our people

Welcome BBQ and Drinks in the vineyards close to the official hotel. 
Exact location TBA!

6 pm 




As we prepare for this next step in our journey together, we are steeped in profound gratitude. We thank each of you for the role you played in our lives. Please know that your presence in our lives and at our celebration is truly enough on its own. However, if you would like to give us a gift in addition, our gift registry is replaced by a honeymoon fund!​

We set up a separate website with suggested activities. As a 'thank you' for your generous contributions, we will send a postcard from the place/activity you contributed to! 

You can contribute towards our 'honeyfund' by clicking on the below link:

Thank you kindly

Alexandra Sasha Sokolova


• Letting Tobi win her over :)


• 800m or however long it takes to run towards Tobi. But she managed to build up her endurance over the years! 


• She's a cardio queen dancing her way into happily ever after. Throwing in some 200s never hurts - it keeps things fun. 


• Sweet and sour all the way. Anything cola flavored goes! 


• Anything with young Hugh Grant or Jude Law...

• Born Alexandra Sokolova on March 26, 1995, in Moscow, Russia
•Daughter of Olga and Andrey Sokolov


Nicolai Tobias Riker



• Scoring Sasha obviously. 


• Anywhere between 10k and a half marathon - marriage is a marathon not a sprint anyway. 


• He's been sweating it out at the gym, but he's about to break a real sweat on the dance floor.



• She's not a snack...she's a whole meal. On a serious note, Tobi is a serial chocolate killer. 


• Tobi likes it Royal...Suits it is (you might know why). 


• Born Nicolai Tobias Riker on February 19, 1991, in Wiesbaden, Germany

•Son of Martin and Gabriele Riker.


The closest airport to arrive to is the Frankfurt International Airport (airport code FRA). It takes about 40 min to get to the hotel and 30 minutes to Mainz. 

Weingut Boudier & Koeller is the location of the ceremony and reception on Saturday, 25 May 2024. It's around 45 minutes drive from the airport. The easiest & fastest way is to drive/taxi to the ceremony venue. Shuttle bus will be provided to the venue from the official hotel on Saturday, 25 May.

If you wish to stay in Mainz or nearby wine villages, the easiest way to get there is by taxi or car! 


For our out of town guests, we thank you very much for coming all the way! We have gathered some info here for a successful stay. 
Getting here and


Sasha was born and raised in Moscow - a buzzing 16 mil city. Tobi was born on the other (some speculate less spectacular) side of Rhein river - Wiesbaden - and raised in Mainz, Germany.  

Little did these two peas know that out of all places they could've met, they both ended up in a small town in South-East Texas. Sasha decided to run track chasing records for Lamar University to escape the cold dark winters in Russia. Tobi wanted to polish his English and basically run shirtless (can't complain). 

2053.25 km between Mainz and Moscow and we had to fly over the pond to meet! It took a year or a little more for both of us to realise that we must be together. We made a vow and created a live-long bond through distance and time. 

Was it love at first sight? Maybe we will hear a story or two at the wedding....but so far we have covered 8 years together, 7 countries, a pandemic and god knows how many kilometers running. 

As our wedding motto reads "home is whenever I'm with you", today and every day we celebrate that no matter where we are, when we are together we are home. There's no place or feeling that would make you safer, stronger or more loved.

Sashi & Tobi

Ceremony and I do's at Pfarrhof, Boudier & Koeller (Plan A)
In case of rain, our ceremony will take place in a church nearby.

2 pm 

We toast at Klosterhof, Boudier & Koeller

3 pm

Wine tasting in the vineyards

4:30 pm

Aperitivo, dinner, speeches, games

7 pm

Band & DJ until early morning...

10 pm 

Bring comfortable shoes for the vineyards and a long night of dancing!


Where to stay

We reserved ART-Hotel Braun from 24 to 26 May, 2024! Just 10 minutes drive from the venue and the transfer is on us on the day of the ceremony. It's possible to get to the hotel by train from Frankfurt Airport or Mainz. The train station is only 400m away from the hotel and it takes around an hour from Mainz HBF (check out for schedule). 

Mention The Rikers Wedding to book your room via the email below or by calling the hotel +49 6352 40060 (German and English).

A tip for couples or those who like to snuggle: single rooms have a 140cm bed which is enough for two (save money and just pay 10 euros extra for another person). 

The hotel is located in Kirchheimboladen but if you wish to stay somewhere else, just let us know and we will find a solution. 

Things to do

The region is a capitol of wine in Germany! Absolute highlight is hiking the RheinTherassenWeg, through the vineyards.  Visit Loreley Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From a viewing platform on top of the rock, you can look over the river curve and see Sankt Goar and Sankt Goarshausen towns as well as the castles Katz and Rheinfels.
Visit Rheingau - a region where most famous wines come from and explore wine festivals, events and hikes. Rudesheim am Rhein and Eltville are true gems on the river. And of course Mainz, famous for its Roman heritage and world's first invented movable type for printing around 1450. 

If you need more tips, please let us know!

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